Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bonding with Nephew

As promised by my partner to the nephew, she will have her reward for being included in the honor lists and today is the day the nephew has been waiting for. We already agreed with my partner that we will treat the kid on weekend and when i told the nephew about it, she has been repeating and reminding me since Monday about the hubby's promise. Ohhh my, so today she indeed had a blast. She played at Tom's World, she ate at her favorite's food chain and she got what she likes. I was able to but her few assorted toys and personal stuff and upon arrival i can see her sparkle on her eyes. She really had a blast and i can see how she had fun today.

I just think she deserves it as she is exerting extra effort in school. Gladly, i have a partner who is just sensitive and supportive in everything that we do. For all the love and provision, you simply is beyond what is enough. Thank you to my love.

PS: Ill post some pics on my other sites:)


yannie said...

Wow naman ang sweet at thoughtful ng partner mo para i treat yung pamankin mo. Well she deserves it